Dingley Village began its life in a similar fashion to the other suburbs we’ve read about – as a small community based around family-run market gardens. At that time, there was no efficient way to transport or refrigerate foods, it’s easy to see why small local farms were the basis of so many of our populated areas.

Dingley Village began as a small community, centred around market gardens, and was known simply as Dingley. Established in the early 1960s were a small shopping centre, school, kindergarten and reserve. Attractions now include Sunday Markets at Dingley Reserve and a number of golf courses. It retained a village atmosphere, and the name was officially changed to Dingley Village in 1991, to reflect this.

The area was mainly used for market gardening until World War 2.  For some time, sand mining was the main industry, with the pits later becoming rubbish tips, and then parks.

Delve into these delightful Dingley Village Quick facts:

  • Dingley Village has an area of 7.9 km squared.
  • Dingley Village is bounded by the Dingley Bypass and Westall Road in the North, Springvale Road in the East, Lower Dandenong Road in the South, and Boundary Road in the West.
  • The State electorates for Dingley Village are the Clarinda District and the Keysborough District.
  • The Federal electorate for Dingley Village is the Hotham Division.

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Name origins

In 1856, Thomas Attenborough and his sister Mary built one of the first homes in Dingley Village. Thomas named his house Dingley Grange, after Dingley Hall, in Northumberland, England, where he had lived. The name Dingley comes from two Anglo Saxon words. 'Dingle' - meaning a deep valley or dell, with trees, and 'Lea' - a clearing or a pasture.

Once part of the Shire of Dandenong, Dingley Village then became part of the Shire of Springvale and Noble Park on 31 May 1955. Later this became the City of Springvale then Kingston. In 1989 a Committee was formed to put the 'Village' back in the name Dingley. The official name change to Dingley Village was published in the Government Gazette on Wednesday 7 August 1991.

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Attenborough home on the southern corner of Charman Road and Coape Street. The photograph shows the Fairlam family who were later occupants of the house.


  • Census DatePopulation
  • 1933301
  • 1947484
  • 20019965
  • 200610,073
  • 201110,186
  • 201610,279