At one of the most northern points of Kingston we find the southern part of Clayton. The suburb sometimes goes by the name of Westall, due to the name of the main road and the railway station that serve the area. Our neighbours over in the City of Monash have jurisdiction over its northern parts. Clayton South has a mix of houses and industrial areas, combined with many sport and recreation facilities. In 1966 there was a mass UFO sighting at Westall High School! There are two large landfills in the area from sand mining long ago. Access the Clayton and Dingley Waste Forum website

Some quick facts for Clayton South:

  • Clayton South is 21kms from Melbourne and has an area of 8.3km2.
  • Clayton South is bounded by Centre Road in the north, Westall Road in the east, Heatherton Road, Tootal Road and the Dingley Bypass in the south, and Clayton Road, Bourke Road and Spring Road in the west.
  • The State electorate for Clayton South is the Clarinda District.
  • The Federal electorates for Clayton South are the Chisholm Division and the Hotham Division.

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Name origins

The chap staring wistfully off in the distance below is John O’Shannessy, it’s a surprise we don’t see his name anywhere because he was actually the first settler in the area. He had a ‘squatting licence’ (which was essentially when someone had a legal right to use the land without owning it) in the 1840s of a whopping 40,000 acres, (160 km squared) covering land in Clarinda, South Clayton and Heatherton.

The names of Clayton and Westall comes from two gentlemen who settled the area in the 1800s. John Hughes Clayton, a lawyer, owned several acres he named ‘Clayton Vale, located between the south- eastern corner of Clayton and Centre Rd's. Evidently the name Clayton stuck around. Westall, on the other hand, comes from a Mr Thomas Westall who was one of the market gardeners who were attracted to the area in the 1850s. The land he farmed became the Enterprise Hostel, and later, the Lexington Gardens Retirement Village

Clayton South was registered by the City of Kingston on Thursday 1 July 1999. Westall is considered a neighbourhood rather than a suburb, and all mail goes to the suburb name of Clayton South. It is sometimes called Westall because of the Railway Station and Westall Rd.

The late Sir John OShanassy, June 4, 1883. Image courtesy State Library of Victoria.


The area saw a decline in population between 1991 and 2006, with fewer residents living in each house, and less new houses being built.

  • Census DatePopulation
  • 200110,902
  • 200610,644
  • 201111.265
  • 201612,652